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My career as a dancer and choreographer has led me to understand that teaching other dancers is a very important part of my job as a creator.


The main pillar of my work is expressivity, the possibilities of the body like the movement and the dance as carriers to other worlds and realities only reachable throughout artistic contemplation.


The elements that allow me to refine my choreographic language and evolve in my professional career are the communication of my vision of the body as well as leading the dancers to that plasticity, expressivity, and precision of the movement, interchanging tools and receiving the feedback of the body.


As a creator, I am truly interested in composition for groups, the connection between bodies, and working on images. All these elements are not necessarily part of an independent artist’s ordinary day-to-day, and teaching provides me practicing with big groups.


On one hand, I want to convey my vision of the body. On the other hand, I want to research on choreographic creation related to the groups and the space putting different choreographic strategies into play.



Technical class and repertory learning session from Siberia Dance Company


Just like a RAVE: Workshop based on improvisation and conceived for sweating, activating perception and generating cathartic states.


Rendezvous for the creation of new materials Developing choreographic strategies Class envisioned for young companies, dance conservatories and performace's creation.

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El cuerpo que me interesa y que me gusta es un cuerpo conectado,

un cuerpo que sabe jugar con el abismo y el riesgo,

que sabe soltar pero a la vez es preciso.
Un cuerpo que sabe seducir en la sutileza y que a la vez puede cargar
toda la fuerza en un gesto.
Un cuerpo que se mueve con integridad pero que es capaz de
fragmentarse y de trabajarse por partes.
Un cuerpo que está en el presente y se sabe relacionar con el espacio
en el que se encuentra.

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