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L E V E:

a Light and Easy Vanishing Event

 “To shake the matter enough but not so much as to free the dogs” *from Post-Dance

L E V E is a project based on the idea of lightness and its contradictions. The research is focused on the fragility, the fleetingness, and the transitoriness.

We want to delve into the idea of provisionality and the present continuous of the bodies, but also into the way of facing the creation, the methodology, and our temporary nature, assuming this way of living, working, consuming, and interact.

The lightness and its derivations, (the ephemeral, the fluidity, the superficial, and the hedonistic) appear as a reaction to the burden of existence. The effects of globalization, neoliberalism, and hyper-individualism have resulted in a civilization obsessed with the promptness and availability: a society that worships the novelty, the appearance, the obsolescence of the possessions, and the fast consumption of fast, interchangeable assets. All these produce a phenomenon called “upheaval state” characterized by uncertainty and restlessness.

Where does the body lie in all this? What about dance? And choreography? What is the bare minimum, the lightest thing needed for a dance to exist? How can we deal with the weight of the bodies, the sweat, the choreography, the repetition? How much does an 8 weight? How many determinant desitions are we ready to bear? How much does commitment weight?

L E V E is the why and the how.

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Stone and Silk (Memories of the lightness) will be a site-specific contemporary dance piece.

This work is part of the project L E V E, a research about lightness that I will be conducting during season 2020/21.

The project originated in the desire to build a framework that allows the creation and the connexion with a volatile environment. This context is light but at the same time complex to go through.

Stone and Silk (Memories of the lightness) is about space, its material nature, its smell, sound, memory. About the spatiality of the bodies within. Transgress the space, activate the perception, provoke an experiential state to receive beauty.

Stone and Silk is a celebration of the present, the alive, the performative. The site specific concept reveals the uniqueness of this creation: the piece can only happen once, in this time and space. An exclusive and unique one-in-a-lifetime event for both the performers and the audience.


In these digital times, in which time is shorter and subjective, creating a specific and unrepeatable event is a form of resistance, a fight for the community.

And it is necessary.


Wrap, contour, limit, means

Jail, mask, shell
Meat, blood, bones, memories, desires Beauty, wrinks,

Plastic, meat, dust, smoke

CAST: Sara Enrich, Raquel Klein, Laura Lliteras, Lara Misó, Núria Navarra. EXECUTIVE PRODUCTION: Sonia Fernández Lage
MUSIC: Marc Blanes, Nuu
SOUND INSTALLATION: Guillem Llotge (live sound intervention) LIGHTING: Jaume Ortiz

GARMENTS: Laura Diéguez (diseño y confección)
*With the support of C.Cívic Barceloneta and Graner, Centre de Creació del Cos i del Moviment

  • Vimeo - Círculo Negro

La Piel Vacía (Empty skin)


Circula! Tren de creación y formación de danza selected project.

2018 32 Certamen Coreográfico de Madrid. Patronato municipal de Artes Escénicas y de la imagen de Zaragoza Price. LSD Movement Losdeae price
2017. Third choreography price in CICC Copenhaguen Internacional Choreographic Competition
2016. Premi de Dansa del Institut del Teatre, Sat Teatre price.


On another note, LA PIEL VACÍA brought another project, the video dance EMPTY, published in the fashion film website NOWNESS. Currently, EMPTY is being showed in different festivals: In-Motion Chicago Dance Film Festival, Tiny Dance Film Festival San Francisco.

  • Piel Vacía


La Jamalara de la Tratano is a research of the artist’s choreographic language. This artistic piece is a continuous and individual work in the rehersal room.

This solitude leads to a reflection on the whole creative process.

Moreover, this project provides a great amount of documentation in several formats, which is put to use in order to showcase the creative process of the artist in the talk after the show.


The project started in April 2018 with the support of La Caldera.

The residency evolved into a first structure: a solo + talk, premiered on December, 14 2018 as part of “Cápsules de creació en cru”. This project is alive and continuously evolving towards different directions.



Spatial Environment No.51-A1 is an installation by the artist Lucio Fontana made for the IX Milan Triennale (1951) and installed permanently on CaixaForum's hall in Barcelona. An enormous neon arabesque suspended, a continuous curved line of lights that traverse where color, movement, and space converge. Lucio Fontana is one of the most innovative artists of the past century. Painter, sculptor, ceramist and theoretician, he witnessed political, cultural and technological transformations that defined that period. He became known by his techniques of perforating and damaging fabrics as well as for being the founder of the spatialist movement. Fontana was also one of the authors of the 'Manifesto Blanco' (1946), which promoted abstraction, the use of new techniques and the extension of the artwork to the third and forth dimension. With his multidisciplinary practices, Fontana widened the notion of artistic experience to include the artwork within the space that surrounds the spectator.

In BLACKPOOL, Paloma Muñoz gets inside Spatial Environment No.51-A1, understanding 'environment' as a new means to dialogue with using her body language.


“I want to inhabit its reflection, immerse myself in this pool that could be as the stabbings in the fabric of Fontana, the door to another universe with a different time and space. Be neon, arabesque, gas, filigree. I want to become immaterial, dissolve in the movement. A travel, a hole, a fall to diverse worlds. BLACKPOOL is my way to be in those spatial holes made by Fontana, both physical and conceptual.“

Artistic data:

Performer: Paloma Muñoz

Sound space: Guillem Llotge

Stage space: Paloma Muñoz and Jaume Ortiz

Stylist: Ladieguez

With the support of Graner Centre de Creació de Dansa i Arts Vives


212 Carolina Heredia

This work comes from a detailed study the music and rhythms of its partite, and also of two motives: symmetry and spiral. Bitting accents, suspending silences. Vertiginous rhythm in a subtle and delicate work.

Unconventional spaces / site specific 8 min



DANCERS: Amanda Rubio y Paloma Muñoz

MUSIC: Ludovico Vagnone, Anye Bao, Luis Dulzaides



@Danza Siberia All rights reserved 2018

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